In 2013, what started as an order from a new client ended up in helping them distribute an array of embroidered items to their association of Office Supply clients. We made all sorts of Embroidered Giveaways and then a Webstore for each of their clients to go on and purchase.

We decided then to sell our products via the internet to Corporate America and individuals that need giveaways for Special Events, Tradeshows, Travel Incentive Gifts, Cruise Lines, Casinos, Weddings, Retail and thus we became a full-fledged Embroidery business.

Embroidery Giveaways offers over 20 categories of items in stock and in an array of colors that are embroidered with the client’s logos / text and when Embroidery cannot not define the actual logo design, we Silkscreen, use Digital Transfers, Sublimation or Laser Etching as a substitute.

We have over 750 Heads of Machinery in all 3 locations.

Our production timeframe can turn in as little as 3 days depending on the quantity needed.

Most of our items include 5,000 Stitches and the bigger items like Bags, Towels, Blankets and Robes 10,000 Stitches or more.

Embroidery Giveaways also has 3 strategic location warehouses ( New Jersey, Illinois and California ) that makes receiving your items faster.

Our Pricing includes Ground Shipping to 1 location anywhere in the USA.

Embroidery Giveaways does not charge an Embroidery Set-up Charge for over 144 Units. Under 144 Units, the Set-up Charge is $125.00 / $195.00 for 5,000 / 10,000 Stitches.

Embroidery Giveaways has a manufacturing arm in China that ONLY manufactures for US. If you require any type of item other than what we offer and in a quantity over 1500 Units; our China Office can source it for you and manufacture it with delivery to your door, alleviating any unwanted stresses by you.

Let us make your next Embroidery Giveaway a great reason to start with a very experienced vendor. Receive a Free Gift ( $150.00 Value ) with your First Order Of 144 Units Plus.