Long Apron (SM-MED)

Long Apron (SM-MED)


Quantity 48 72 289 576 1200 2500
Price with decoration NA $12.65 12.48 12.32 Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

Note: Description

• Cotton/Poly twill full width adjustable apron.
• 2 pouches, tunnel ties.
• Usage: Home,Cooking Schools,
Restaurant, Catering Business, Hotel, Food Handling or Production Kitchen, Banquet, Catering Business, etc

Decoration Method EMB 5K, 1 Location
Box Dimension 17 x 12 x 18
Dim Weight 36 lbs
Qty Per Box 72 Pcs
Size 23 W x 28 L
Available Colors Black, Burgundy, Dark Green, Khaki, Navy, Red, Royal, White


Aprons are used in the home and in restaurants where its main purpose is to protect you from getting spills and stains on your clothes. Aprons are also used for cleaning your hands rather than each time you spill something on your hands, you go wash them. Many restaurants not only have the chef staff using them but also the waiters and waitress staff as they are all branded with the name of the restaurant and also hold their checkbook and pens to readily offer their customers bill.

A good house warming gift would be an apron since men and women barbecue outdoors for family and friends. How many of us have splattered food on ourselves and wish we wore clothing that was able to get dirty rather than wearing a nice top and thinking that would not happen to us?

Another way an Apron can come in handy is having children in the home and playing with paint. It offers us an easy go to item that will not mess up our clothing.

I recently went to a company event that had a wine tasting paired with different appetizers and all the servers wore aprons there. It showed off their company logo and added to flair of the event.

There are Long Aprons and Short Aprons and aprons with and without pockets. All fit over the head and tie in the back or longer ties can be tied in the front too.

Many people whom are avid cooks are barbecue often also use mittens to not burn their hands and we offer an Apron / Mitten Set. We offer different styles and some in 9 colors.

Bakers and butchers are other types of people that also wear aprons to keep their clothing underneath clean while they work with products that can easily and continuously make them dirty.

Aprons are used for promotional giveaways, tradeshow giveaways, gifts with purchase, employee incentives, staff appreciation, special events, promoting a new sauce brand or food item used in grilling.

Have you ever gone to Home Depot or Lowes where you see all the Staff wearing Long Aprons? They wear them for protection and to not get dirty. They have multiple pockets for a notepad or some hold screws and other items requested by customers to show them samples. In the same stores and other gardening stores; all wear Aprons to shield the dirt from carrying plants or working with them.

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